Metal Garage Kit Benefits

By using the best quality USA made Galvalume coated steel combined with our simple DIY building design and four versatile models, Archore’s prefab metal garage kits provide many benefits and cost savings. Car enthusiasts and classic car collectors use our metal buildings because they want to know their vehicles are safe. Our heavy-duty garages not only protect your investment but save up to 70% off the cost of conventional construction and its maintenance.

Maintenance Free

Archcore steel garages save you money on upkeep and require virtually no maintenance or repairs unlike conventional wood or masonry buildings. Since there is no wood there is no painting, no treating or coating the exterior, no termites, no rot, no warping or sagging and they are very fire resistant. This way you spend your time working on your projects or classic cars not on your building.

Peace of Mind

Every Archcore metal building kit is manufactured using 100% USA made Galvalume steel with a 40-year limited warranty against rust perforations. Our color coated buildings also look great over time as the paint has ceramic pigments and comes with a 40-year warranty as well.

Save on Construction Labor

Save Up To $6-$8PSF in Construction Costs

Our prefab garage building packages are preformed and predrilled at the factory and no field drilling, fabrication or welding is required. They are designed for the do-it-yourselfer and can save you as much as $6-$8psf in construction labor costs. No heavy equipment, cranes or expensive contractors are needed to erect your arch building kit. Most of our garage models can be erected over a weekend or two with just a few friends!

You don’t need to pay a general contractor $10psf to put up your building.

Avoid Expensive Excavating

You ‘ll save on excavating costs in your site prep because our Quonset style buildings require only a small floating foundation. There is no need to dig down below the frost line for an expensive continuous frostwall.

Easy to Expand at Low Cost

Whether you are on a tight budget and building smaller than you need initially or want to expand later after construction, Archcore steel garage buildings make it easy and economical. Simply unbolt the arch building endwall, add on more arches and then rebolt the enwall back in place. No expensive reconstruction, demolition or bearing walls to deal with like there is in conventional construction.

Archcore’s clearspan design means there are no beams trusses or posts so you can maximize the inside height of your building and easily add on a self-supporting second floor or storage loft. Many customers even add a small garage apartment on the second floor.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Metal Building Insulation
Arch Building Insulation

Our quonset hut q-model steel garages are the most energy efficient prefab building kits available in the USA. The Galvalume exterior coating has an exceptional reflectivity rating and meets LEED requirements.

An Archcore arch building is cost effective and simple to insulate all or just a portion of your building. The insulation is applied only after the building has been completely erected. Since there are no dead corners in our garage kits, they are very easy to heat or cool and move air around.

25x30 Steel 2 Car Garage Kit
2 Car Steel Garage Kit
Dimensions: 25' x 30'
Model Type: P-Model
Building ID: 6920
30x40 Steel Garage Workshop Building
Steel Garage Workshop
Dimensions: 30' x 40'
Model Type: P-Model
Building ID: 6921
RV Storage Building
Dimensions: 30' x 50'
Model Type: S-Model
Building ID: 6922
Workshop w/ Loft
Dimensions: 60' x 40'
Model Type: Q-Model
Building ID: 6923

Heavy Duty Steel = Durability & No Dents

We only use heavy 14-gauge to 22-gauge steel in Archcore metal garages and they are engineered to meet the toughest climatic conditions. That means that hail just bounces off the building exterior without causing dents or other damage. The shear shape of the Quonset hut style tends to easily deflect hurricane force winds. Archcore buildings weather almost any snow or windstorm with no damage at all in most cases. Rest assured your valuables are protected by a vault like building.

These benefits help illustrate why Archcore garage buildings command the highest customer approval ratings for strength, durability and affordability.

Metal Building Coils

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