Commercial Arch Buildings

Commercial Steel Building
Commercial Arch Metal Buildings
Commercial Arch Steel Buildings

Commercial arch buildings are gradually overpowering conventional construction methods around the world and have proved to be a cost-effective alternative. Not only are they extremely durable, but they are designed as easy-to-assemble structures.

Commercial arch metal buildings have a longer life span with less maintenance because they are manufactured with Galvalume steel and come with a 40 year warranty. Since they are 100% clear span and do not have any posts or beams you can design the interior floor layout to suit your own needs. Since the arch spans are so strong, any customized endwall can be installed to complement your commercial enterprise.

DIY arch building kits are stronger and more fire resistant than a wooden framed building. A nice feature with Archcore is the ease of expansion in the future. These buildings are very easy to expand onto the length, which gives you the ability to plan for the future without paying for it today. With widths up to 140′ and endless lengths, our arch buildings are the perfect solution.

Take advantage of our straight sidewall models, as Archcore commercial buildings are ideal for putting shelving or stacking pallets or large store displays right against the wall to maximize your space. Their low cost and fast construction time also make them ideal as pre-fabricated office buildings. No commercial steel building is too large or small. Archcore has a commercial building solution for you!!




There are many benefits associated with constructing a commercial warehouse using an arch metal building. The amount of available space within the structure can be utilized for maximum storage. The steel warehouses do not incorporate beams or trusses and in return give you 100% usability among them.

Archcores custom warehouse buildings pre-engineered strength, will prove to stand the test of time. We offer a 40-year rust and corrosion warranty for any building we manufacture backed by the US Steel Mill. Our commercial metal warehouses can withstand hurricane force winds, heavy snow loads and even seismic earthquakes.


Purchasing an Archcore warehouse for you business may be the best decision yet. Our metal warehouse kits are easily the most cost-effective solution on the market. All of these steel structures can be customized to accurately fit your businesses specific needs.

With a Commercial arch building you will get foundation manuals, erection manuals, and computer-aided design plans which can help guide you through the construction process.


Interested in constructing a DIY building kit using the Quonset hut style design?

Speak to one of our building specialists to determine what size building will suit you best for your application. Contact Archcore today at 800-863-2085 for pricing on a metal garage building. Let us show you how American made excellence in manufacturing is stronger than ever!


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Arch Building Features


Archcore features our do-it-yourself arch building kit design, heavy 14–22-gauge steel panels, 40-year warranty made in the USA.

Arch Building Accessories


All of our accessories are available to accommodate Archcore models including the P-Model, A-Model, S-Model and Q-Style buildings.

Arch Building Color Selector

Color Selector

Archcore steel buildings colored steel and enwall panels are painted using Akzo Nobel's Ceram-A-Star 1050 color polyester silicon coating.

Arch Building Comparison Table

Comparison Table

Check out our comparison table and compare our different steel arch building models with each other to find the perfect solution for your arch building needs!

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Building specialists are standing by to customize a quote for you! Let us show you how American made manufactured arch buildings are stronger than ever!