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Are you tired of working on vehicles in the harsh weather? Archcore offers exceptional arch building kits specifically for your automobile and auto body repair shop building needs. It is no wonder our metal garage buildings are the most popular among auto mechanics, car enthusiasts, classic car collectors, and car kit builders.

Archcore Steel garages are easy to assemble, which saves time and money. The nature of our pre-engineered design allows the customer to easily bolt together the arches. No drilling or welding is required to assemble our arch building kits.

Our high sidewall models allow you to maximize all your space. Set up your shop the way you need it to work for you. Whether you have a lot of expensive tools, air compressors, lifts, or paint booths, Archcore Steel Buildings is the right solution for storage. Our Quonset garages can be ordered and expedited for immediate delivery. Widths range from 10’ up to 140’ wide and lengths are endless.




Building a residential steel garage, car dealership, or auto body repair shop has never been so simple. With a wide variety of models, sizes, and Energy Star colors, we can accommodate any type of garage building plans. Keep in mind, we use heavy gauge steel, not light weight material like carports. Our Steel Buildings are made with high endurance American grade Steel, and carry a full 40 year warranty. Once your steel building is erected, it is 100% maintenance free.

As your hobby or business grows, so will the demand for additional space. All of our building kits are prefabricated so that future expansion will not cost you an arm and a leg! Simply remove your front or rear endwall, continue the footer for however much more length you require. Once done, simply put up the additional length and re-install your original endwalls. It’s that easy.

Quonset huts are the most popular style of auto-body repair shops. Our kits provide a long lasting history of strength and durability and can be erected quickly in the most cost-effective way. Archcore’s do-it-yourselfers constantly surprise us with a unique sense of know how. From beginner to expert we can support your dream of owning an American made Quonset Auto-body shop.

Every structure is engineered to meet or exceed your requirements. They are hurricane rated and can withstand heavy snow loads and even seismic earthquake activity. We go through a strict process of making sure you get a high-quality metal building that will withstand the test of time.


Cost includes exceptional customer service that can’t be beaten and we can accommodate 1-3 car garages or larger with a wide variety of options. The endwalls can be customized to fit a garage door or a wide opening of your choosing. Standard openings on these building include 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, and 14×14. Although the factory can manufacture any size appropriate to the width of the structure.

With an auto body steel garage building you will get foundation manuals, erection manuals, and computer-aided design plans which help guide you through the simple construction process.


Interested in constructing a DIY building kit using the Quonset hut style design?

Speak to one of our building specialists to determine what size building will suit you best for your application. Contact Archcore today at 800-863-2085 for pricing on a metal garage building. Let us show you how American made excellence in manufacturing is stronger than ever!


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Arch Building Features


Archcore features our do-it-yourself arch building kit design, heavy 14–22-gauge steel panels, 40-year warranty made in the USA.

Arch Building Accessories


All of our accessories are available to accommodate Archcore models including the P-Model, A-Model, S-Model and Q-Style buildings.

Arch Building Color Selector

Color Selector

Archcore steel buildings colored steel and enwall panels are painted using Akzo Nobel's Ceram-A-Star 1050 color polyester silicon coating.

Arch Building Comparison Table

Comparison Table

Check out our comparison table and compare our different steel arch building models with each other to find the perfect solution for your arch building needs!

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Fast Quote

Building specialists are standing by to customize a quote for you! Let us show you how American made manufactured arch buildings are stronger than ever!