A-Model Quonset Hut

A-Model Arch Buildings
A-Model Quonset Hut
A-Model Quonset Hut Interior

The A-Model building makes the ideal residential hobby shop or man-cave you have been planning for years. Since it is designed for a simple, fast construction, you don't need to hire expensive skilled laborers and you can save thousands.

Standard models range from 16 to 40 feet wide and are available in unlimited lengths. Custom widths can be manufactured for special applications or existing concrete pads. The high sidewall clearance and trussless roof design make the A-model perfect for workshops, recreational vehicle storage and auto body shops where commercial lifts may be needed.

The A-model is manufactured in a state of the-art facility with the most modern robotics technology. This allows for less labor requirements to produce your building and these savings are directly passed on to you. The precision manufacturing and superior strength of the engineered sidewall design make these models easy to erect and durable in heavier snow conditions. Once fully erected you will have the peace-of-mind that your valuables are secure and protected by the strongest arch steel building available anywhere.



Interested in constructing a DIY building kit using the Quonset hut style design?

Speak to one of our building specialists to determine what size building will suit you best for your application. Contact Archcore today at 800-863-2085 for pricing on a metal garage building. Let us show you how American made excellence in manufacturing is stronger than ever!


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Archcore features our do-it-yourself arch building kit design, heavy 14–22-gauge steel panels, 40-year warranty made in the USA.

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All of our accessories are available to accommodate Archcore models including the P-Model, A-Model, S-Model and Q-Style buildings.

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Archcore steel buildings colored steel and enwall panels are painted using Akzo Nobel's Ceram-A-Star 1050 color polyester silicon coating.

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