Do-it-Yourself Construction

With our do-it-yourself garages, you can save up to 50% off construction costs by using our simple arch building designed for the customer to erect. This approach avoids the costly contractor fees and gives you creative control over how you design the ends. We use a one size nut and bolt for the whole structure which is easier than trying to erect a building while sourcing multiple types of bolts to use.

Do-it-yourself prefab construction is engineered for easy assembly. Our Steel buildings require a one size nut and bolt construction, come with foundation and erection manuals, and are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. With a small crew you could fully erect your own 24x30 or 30x40 steel garage building in one weekend.

We make it easy and straightforward. With DIY assembly, eliminate the added cost of needing special tools or an expensive construction crew to erect a garage or commercial building on your property.


Constructing a foundation of your choosing starts with designating a flat and clear area for your concrete. Simply, pour a simple floating foundation around the perimeter of the steel building. Alternative foundation options are available if your have a pre-existing concrete wall, slab or want to attach to shipping containers.

Assemble the Arches

Connect the individual arch panels together by using the one size nut and bolt to create a full spanning arch. These bolts will start by being finger tightened at this stage. Continue by laying each completed arch in a row one after the other on the ground. The polyethylene washers are prefixed on the bolts to ensure a watertight build.

Raise the Arches

Using scaffolding or a ladder, raise each completed steel arch into place by rope. This can be accomplished by using an S-hook attachment. Once the next arch is in place, finger tighten the first arch to the second and so on. Once an order is placed, we will provide you with an erection manual to simplify this process further for your specific model.

Install Endwalls

Once all of the arches are raised and in place, install the factory supplied prefabricated end panels to enclose the steel building. If you order a building with arches only, this is the stage in which you start the build out of your own custom end panels. Archcore can provide you the curved adaptors to accomplish installing your own custom walls with our arch building profile.

Steel Building Construction

For a lot of our customers, they want to simply order the building and leave the rest to the professionals! We understand your time is precious and offer an arch building erection package at an additional charge. Please contact one of our building specialists for scheduling and pricing information @ (800) 863-2085